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  • Zone of low-rise building
  • Area: 70 000 m2
  • Plots: 46
  • ### year

PUMPAS-4 settlement - it is 46 economic land plots with all the utilities laid on and graphic designs of one-family and two-family houses for free building or with a construction contract. In case of a construction contract, it is possible to get up to 10-20% discount for purchase of land.

The project was implemented

Object type: Zone of low-rise building
Place: Latvia, Babites area, Mezares
Total area of building construction: 70 000 m2
Land area: 1 798 m2
Number of plots: 46
Roads: Asphalt
Sewerage: Centralized (sewage treatment plant)
Heating: Centralized (town gas)
Electricity: Centralized (shields on plots)


The building plot was meliorated and provided with a gravity flow sewer, which can be connected to an individual biological sewerage system (the buyer builds it). All the utility lines are laid on (electricity, lighting, gas), roads are asphalted. Utility laying services are paid under separate agreement.


The settlement is located in a zone of low-rise residential territories (DZM). The detailed plan approved in 2004 provides for construction of one-family and two-family houses. The start of individual construction is possible right after purchase of the land plot and approval of the architectural project. All the land plots have a transformation permission allowing investors and buyers to get architectural planning assignment and building permission by themselves.


The general utility service of PUMPAS-4 settlement (street cleaning, maintenance of water supply system, sewerage, lighting of the territory) will be provided using internal resources without involvement of specialized firms.


PUMPAS-4 is located in the territory of Spilves polder, on a dry and sunny glade. The first building phase of the settlement includes 18 plots with the total area of 3 hectares, located 200 meters away from the settlement of “Osi”. On the north side the settlement is surrounded with trees, it borders on a beautiful orchard. The second building phase of the settlement - 46 sites (7 hectares) is located right behind the first one. The settlement entrance is planned to be from the side of Klejsti-Spilva highway. The distance from the sites to the highway is 100-150 meters; there is a gravel road to the highway. The area of the offered sites ranges from 1500 to 2000 sq. m. The land plots are regularly shaped and located on both sides of the entrance.


Babite is one of the most well-placed suburbs of Riga. Nearness of Jurmala and the main traffic artery, connecting Jurmala and Riga, good infrastructure, and also availability of land plots suitable for building in beautiful vicinities of Babite generated massive demand among the residents of Riga and especially inhabitants of Pardaugava district wishing to purchase real estate here and to move closer to Jurmala. That is why the majority of new cottage settlements are created in Babite region, near the settlements of Babite and Pinki. The most popular directions are to Varnukrogs and to Klejsti - there are 2 developing and 4 planned settlements in this area at the moment, including the offered land plot of PUMPAS-4. Demand for land plots has repeatedly grown, thanks to gasification of the area and asphalting of the road to Klejsti.

Information about the land plots

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