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Settlement "Silezers"

  • Zone of low-rise building
  • Area: 52 500 m2
  • Plots: 14
  • General plan
  • 2022 year

Beautiful country 8.2-hectare land plot with its own forest lake is offered for sale. There is an architectural offer on the site development and a construction of a cottage settlement. This land can also be interesting to the potential investor as the country estate with its own water pond.

Project description

SILEZERS-PRIEZKALNI - it is a cottage settlement, consisting of 20 houses that will be built around the natural water body of Silezers on the border of Vangazi town in the region of Inchukalns. The area of 8.2 hectares will be divided into two parts. The detailed plan is already approved and the project documentation is agreed on. The distance from the Vidzemski highway is 0.5 km and from the center of Vangazi town is 1.5 km. The project is offered to investors in bulk. Such services as representation of investor's interests and project management can be provided if so agreed.

Location and infrastructure

The project of the future settlement includes the sites named SILEZERS (5.25 hectares) and PRIEZKALNI (2.9 hectares). The plots are located in a beautiful place surrounded with the forest area from the left side of the road to Melkerti. There is a 1-hectare water pond in the center of the area, it divides the territory into two parts. It is a natural water pond with a sandy beach, that has long ago become a popular leisure area among Vangazi residents, due to its easy-to-reach and favorable location. The main entrance to the settlement is arranged from the side of highway to Melkerti, and the project also provides for the construction of two more additional entrances inside the settlement. The residents will enjoy the advantage to drive up to the site on the paved road that is planned to be built in this place during the construction of a slip road from the A-2 highway. The central part of Vangazi with all the infrastructure is situated in close proximity to settlements of Silezers-Priezkalni.

Project plan

The project provides for the building development using wood frame or log technologies and nature-friendly materials - pine and stone. It also provides for combination of sites for wholesale typical house building and sites for individual building using recommended projects. The architectural bureau of A. Vizins has worked out a special offer on development of the settlement - a model of possible building for wholesale construction zones.

We can also offer using the projects of individual building by:

  • *A.Vizina birojs and Findomo, Kastelli, Honka (1st line - SILEZERS - 14 sites)
  • * A.Vizina birojs and Sepmaja (2nd line - PRIEZKALNI - 6 sites).

Coordination of color range and the chosen projects with the architect of the settlement will allow to keep the unified stylistics within each zone of the settlement and at the same time to keep identity of the project choice.

Territory planning, utilities and documentation

The detailed plan of the land plot partition is approved. After getting the addressing - 20 sites will receive the status - 0601 - low-rise building zone, that will allow even non-residents to invest in this project. 

The detailed planning of the site is already approved. The total number of land plots in SILEZERS-PRIEZKALNI project is 26, 20 of which have the status of low-rise building (DzM), 2 have technical status (TL), intended for roads, and 3 sites are situated in a protective zone of gas pipeline and are intended for public infrastructure.

The offer on the settlement development provides for 2 building zones bordering the pond:

  • 1st line - SILEZERS - 14 sites,
  • 2nd line - PRIEZKALNI - 6 sites.

6 of these land plots have direct water access. There is a pine forest on the territory of all the sites. The project of development provides for:

  • *Recreational zone of more than 2.9 hectares with a beach and arbors (site No. 15);
  • *Tennis court with health area (site No. 15);
  • *0.7-hectare forest park (site No. 17).

Possible options of projects

Information about the land plots

If you would like to discuss any issues on this land, please, call us by the phone (+371) 29541486 or send us a message by e-mail:

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