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  • Zone of low-rise building
  • Area: 58 000 m2
  • Plots: 34
  • ### year

DRUVINAS settlement offered for sale by the company of LK CITI includes 34 economic land plots with all the utilities laid on, intended for free site development.

The project was implemented

Object type: Zone of low-rise building
Place: Latvia, Drejlini
Total area of building construction: 58 000 m2
Land area: 1 605 m2
Number of plots: 34
Roads: Asphalt
Water supply: Artesian well
Sewerage: Local (any kind)
Heating: Centralized (town gas)
Electricity: Centralized (shields on plots)


All planned municipal services are already provided - asphalt is laid, electricity, gas pipeline and lighting are connected.


The settlement is situated in a zone of low-rise residential areas (DZM). The detailed planning was approved in 2004. It involves building of one-family and two-family houses. You can start individual building right after purchase of the land plot and approval of the architectural project.


The settlement is located near the one of two actively developing roads to the settlement of Saulisi. New housing units are being built near the site and forest drainage system was created in order to regulate the level of ground waters.

The minimum area of building plot - 1200 sq. m, the maximum - 1700 sq. m. The total number of residential sites - 34, technical plots - 4.


Drejlini, as well as Marupe, is considered to be one of the most large scale and dynamically developing suburbs of Riga. The area is located at the end of the Deglava street and is convenient to reach for inhabitants of Plavnieki, Purvciems and Mezciems.


All the land plots of the project are registered as the property of the LK CITI company.

Information about the land plots

If you would like to discuss any issues on this land, please, call us by the phone (+371) 29541486 or send us a message by e-mail: vascenko.roman@gmail.com

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