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Settlement "Liepavoti"

  • Zone of low-rise building
  • Area: 5 897 m2
  • Plots: 4
  • General plan
  • 2022 year

We offer for sale an investment project for the construction of cottage settlement in the suburb of Riga. To the potential investor we propose a part of a land parcel with a development project.

The LIEPAVOTI project is a small land plot (14700 sq. m) in a presentable private sector in the suburb of Riga - Babite. We offer for sale a part of the project, including 4 high-quality land plots (5897 sq. m) near the woods and development projects for one-family and two-family houses. You can also purchase the whole project to build a compact cottage settlement at the border of Riga.

Project description

A compact land parcel (14000 m2) with the project documentation for utility connection and a business plan of the cottage settlement are offered to developers and investors in bulk. We can also provide you with project management services by a company specialized in housing settlement infrastructure development LK VENTSPILS Ltd, operating in accordance with the responsibilities, entrusted to it by the project owner.

Location and infrastructure

This land plot is unique, as it is located equally close both to the center of Riga and to the center of Jurmala. There are excellent roads and developed urban infrastructure just 1 km away. The old city of Riga is located no more than 5 km away from the site.

The settlement is situated in such a way that it is protected by the forest area named Kleisti from the south side. The area where the village is located is being built-over by private one-family houses and housing developments, such as: Osi, Liepezers, Mežāres. It is a splendid place for those who always want to be in the middle of the action and at the same time to admire the nature and breathe clean and fresh air from the sea, which is no more than 4 km from the land plot! 

The project is divided into 8 certain sites, located inside the existing housing community. There are 5 plots on the border of the woods, where valuable breeds of a tree are preserved. The total land area of some sites is 1200-1300 sq. m.

Project plan

The detailed planning was approved in 2007. The detailed planning allows the construction of freestanding cottages and townhouses.

Today we have a ready and approved development proposal - a sample of possible building development of this zone. The project provides for the balanced evolvement of this territory, offering for sale both blank plots (4) and ready cottages (6).

Territory planning, utilities and documentation

It is possible to connect to gas pipeline (Latvijas gaze), electricity, telephone and Internet channels (Lattelekom). There is a sealed road to Riga near the plot.

Possible options of projects

The settlement for sale

Object type: Zone of low-rise building
Place: Latvia, Babite
Total area of building construction: 5 897 m2
Number of plots: 4
Roads: Asphalt (planned)
Water supply: Centralized (plan. artesian well)
Sewerage: Centralized (planned)
Heating: Centralized (planned gas)
Electricity: Centralized (planned electricity)


Gas pipe runs in close proximity to the site, allowing to provide the settlement with heating at minimal costs. The project involves local water supply system and sewerage. We have agreed on the project of external electric networks. Communication lines inside residential quarters require separate projects *.

General development plan

By now, we have worked out a special offer on the development of the settlement – a model of possible housing development. The project involves mixed building construction including one-family houses and twin houses. 4 versions of projects are offered to investors:

  • The sketch project of twin houses 2*130 (the 1st parcel) - the offer No. 1
  • The sketch project of twin houses 2*162 (the 2nd parcel) - the offer No. 2
  • The sketch project of one-family house 1*176 (the 5th parcel) - the offer No. 3
  • The sketch project of one-family house 1*162 (the 6th parcel) - the offer No. 4 


The total area of the settlement LIEPAVOTI is 1.4 hectares. The territory of the settlement is located 600 meters away from a final stop of the bus No. 13, near the settlement named "Liepezers", on a dry and sunny edge of the forest. The forest area of Kleisti protects the settlement from the south side, and the paved road bounds it from the northwest. The territory around the settlement is built-over with private one-family houses. According to the plan, the main entrance of the settlement will be from the side of the Kleisti-Spilva highway. The area of each plot is 1200 - 1500 sq. m. The total number of sites in the settlement is 8, including 2 technical sectors, where roads, firewater ponds, water supply inlets and other communications will be located.


The settlement is unique due to its location that is equally close both from the center of Riga and from Jurmala. 

Concept of the building development

The start of individual construction on the site is possible after getting the addressing. The settlement is located in a zone of low-rise building, that is why the project provides for the construction of one-family and two-family houses.


The detailed planning of the LIEPAVOTI settlement is approved with the status 0601-low-rise housing development – that allows even non-residents to buy land after getting the addressing. Purchase of a small out-of-town land plot located between Riga and Jurmala - it is not only profitable capital investment.

* Current use of projects will require their updating.

Information about the land plots

If you would like to discuss any issues on this land, please, call us by the phone (+371) 29541486 or send us a message by e-mail:

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