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Project "Zalves darzs 3"

  • 23
  • 2000 м2
  • 3624 м2
  • 23
  • 2006 year
  • 7 %

Zalves Dārzs 1 in the residential complex Zalves Dārzs is the best place for your accommodation in Riga. Located near the center of the city, the project is successfully fit into the existing territory of the private housing sector and this feature makes the project unique and amazing. The astonishing green patios make impression of living in the private house. Ground parking and video surveillance system guarantees the top quality service for reasonable prices.


Location of the project

It will take just 15 minutes to drive from Pardaugava to the center of Riga or to Urmala. 22,53,44 and 8 buses and fixed-run taxis are easily accessible and running nearby. The trade malls Sky, Maxima XXX and Spice, Latvian and Russian kindergartens, boarding musical school, elementary and secondary schools are located close to the residential complex. There are large public and commercial facilities, two large old parks, Bolero entertaining-sporting center, Botanic garden in the Pardaugava. The convenient location, good infrastructure and communication are the main reasons why the US Embassy and representative office of large corporations are located here. 


Description of the project

During construction stage it has been used the same building and composite finishing materials and solutions as had been used in construction of the neighboring (under management of SIA Eiro House) residential buildings in Zalves Street 35, 37, 43, 45 and 47 and this features are creating the architectural ensemble.

The variety of materials, decorative plastering and wood boards had been used for finishing the building. Heating – A/S Rīgas Siltums. High quality radiators with thermostat are installed in each apartment. Water supply - mechanical filters are installed in the building and water meters are installed in the special technical shafts. Electrical power is of 230V/400V. There are electric meters in the apartments and they are installed outside of the apartments.

Fire safety – all apartments are equipped with smoke detectors. Fire detectors which are connected with the central point are installed in the halls and corridors of the building.


Apartments "Zalves 1"

The stylish and fully equipped apartments "Zalves 1" are situated on the first floor. The apartment includes living room which is combined with the kitchen, its own roofed balcony of near 22 meter in the south side of the building. The apartment is also featured by two comfortable bedrooms, wardrobe and spacious bathroom unit (6,3 square meters).  


Apartments "Zalves 2"

The apartments "Zalves 2" are stylish and furnished with quality equipment. The apartments are located on the first floor. The apartment includes: living room combined with the kitchen, one cozy bedroom, 2 small bathroom units and its own parking spot.

Information about apartments

If you would like to discuss any issues on these apartments, please call us by the phone (+371) 29541486 or send us a message by e-mail: vascenko.roman@gmail.com

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