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Project "Skanstes Majas"

  • Skanstes mājas
  • 272
  • 5000 м2
  • 10000 м2
  • 600
  • 2012-2015 year
  • 7 %

The project Skanstes mājas includes 4 residential buildings that are integrated by the common territory. The design-concept of the building is the symbiosis of the Scandinavian temperance and modern functionality. The design of the building is featured by the common and single style and includes such building materials as stainless steel, decorative finishing boards and panels, coniferous wood.


Location of the project

The complex "Skanstes mājas" is located at quite area of Riga, not far from Arena Riga and Olympic Sporting Center. It is the ideal place for comfortable living. 


Description of the project

The buildings had been put into commission on November 2013. The building has a top quality interior and exterior finishing, good noise- and heating insulation. If considering the location of the residential complex and the long-term plans of the development of the city, it seems that in the nearest future this district will be most prestigious in the city. The insulation of the facade and the walls of the building are pre-fabricated and those enhancing the heat emission level. The structure of the building is monolith reinforced concrete. The other highlights include 6–chamber triple–glazed windows, wood windowsill, top quality finishing and children playground.


Maintenance of the apartments

The general contractor is “Skanstes Virsotņu apsaimniekošanas biedrība”, the executor is “Namu apsaimniekošana”.

Tariffs for maintenace and service of the building are detremined by the service agreement.

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Apartments "Skanste 6"

The apartments "Skanste 6" is situated in the building at Grostonas Street 19. The windows of the apartments are south-west oriented. The apartment includes separate bedroom (12 square meters) with fully equipped walk-in wardrobe room, living room (26 square meters) which is combined with the kitchen (7 square meters) and sauna which is combined with the bathroom unit.


Apartments "Skanste 5"

The apartments "Skanste 5" are individually designed. The design-project is developed with participation of Yana Koroleva. The storage areas (wardrobes) and rest &relaxation areas are subjects of specific interests of designer. The attentive clients will highly appreciate the top quality sauna which is made from the black alder.


Apartments "Skanste 7"

For the convenience and optimization of the heating system maintenance the apartments "Skanste 7" may be equipped with wireless system of heating control from Istabai.com. Such a system will give the opportunity to manage heating system of the apartment from any place in the world. Smart&Cleaning and Lux&Smart set provide the opportunity to use the state-of-the-art Smart equipment for apartment monitoring system from Fibaro.

Information about apartments

If you would like to discuss any issues on these apartments, please call us by the phone (+371) 29541486 or send us a message by e-mail: vascenko.roman@gmail.com

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