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Project "Skanstes Virsotnes"

  • 560
  • 66380 м2
  • 6000 м2
  • 600
  • 2006-2013 year
  • 7 %

This complex is one of the most important residential projects in Riga. The buildings had been built from 2006 to 2013 by the method of the monolithic concrete construction. Totally, the complex includes four 24-storey buildings. The total amount of the apartments is over 560. The contractor and developer of the project is Merks LTD. KVA Arhitect (Finland) is the architect of the project.


Location of the project

The project is located 800 meters from Kr.Valdemara Street, at the center of the future downtown Skanste which is developed by Merks – the largest construction company in the Baltic region. Covering 21 hectares, it includes such large public and business premises as Arena Riga, Olympic Sporting Center. Dnb Banka occupies the building close to the future downtown. The project offers to the residents 3 kindergartens and 2 secondary schools.

In accordance with the city development plans, hotels, residential buildings, office accommodations and 2.2 hectares park will be built here in the future. Bus stops are on Kr.Valdemara Street. Transport infrastructure will be extended upon completion of the new business district.


Description of the project

The apartments from third to twenty two floors are equipped with high quality TPS-isolating 5– chamber UPVC double–glazed windows with selective glasses. The partition walls inside the apartments are made from rigips. Heating – A/S Rīgas Siltums. Every apartment is equipped with high quality radiators with Purmo thermostat. Water supply - the building features with mechanical filters and water meters which are installed in the special technical shafts. Electrical power – 230V/400V. Electric meters for each apartment are installed outside of the apartments. Diesel–generators for serving emergency lifts are installed in the buildings. Ventilation system of forced type is installed in the bathrooms of all apartments. Inflow of the air is provided through the special diffuser Fres type. All apartments from 19 to 22 floors are equipped with air conditioners. Fire safety - smoke detector system is installed in every apartment. The halls and corridors of the building are equipped with fire detectors which are connected with the point. The sprinkler system for firefighting is installed in the garage. The building is equipped with 3 high–speed lifts, including goods lift. 


Maintenance of the apartments

The general contractor is “Skanstes Virsotņu apsaimniekošanas biedrība and the executor is SIA “Namu apsaimniekošana”. The service agreement is set tariffs for maintenace and service of the building.


Apartments "Skanste 1"

The apartments "Skanste 1" are perfect place for living and relaxing in Riga. Two-room apartments (69 square meters) are situated on the fourth floor of the residential complex “Skanstes Virsotnes”. The apartments are located at the address Jana Daliņa 8, at the centre of the future downtown Skanste which is developed by Merks – the largest construction company in the Baltic region. The open floor plan and sunny-oriented apartment has a large balcony of 12 square meters and panoramic windows that offers views over Old Riga. Ideally and conveniently located, apartments series “Skanste” are perfect to live for both banking professionals who are working nearby, sportsmen, and capital’s visitors. 


Apartments "Skanste 5"

The apartments "Skanste 5" is situated at Jana Daliņa 8, at the centre of the future downtown Skanste. Merks, the largest construction company in the Baltic region, is in charge for developing the site. The apartment is individually designed and the design-project is developed by recommendations of Y. Vizinsh.

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Apartments "Skanste 2"

The apartments "Skanste 2" is located at Grostonas Street, 25. The apartments have an individual design. The design is developed with participation of Yana Koroleva. The design is featured by the particular attention to storing areas (wardrobes) and rest/relaxation areas.

Information about apartments

If you would like to discuss any issues on these apartments, please call us by the phone (+371) 29541486 or send us a message by e-mail: vascenko.roman@gmail.com

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