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‘Ganibu Loft: Rep’ loft apartment is a comfortable studio located on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors of the ‘Ganibu Loft’ residential complex. This hotel and residential complex is located on the outskirts of the ‘Ganibu dambis’ business block; its apartment fund was specially created to accommodate professional managers and contract specialists interested in renting an apartment located within walking distance from the center of business Riga.

Service apartments of the ‘Rep’ series are comfortable and affordable, and are great for a long stay of one person or a couple without children. The area of ​​each studio is of 33 square meters. It includes several functional areas: for cooking, work, rest, sleep and equipped with a combined bathroom with shower. There are also places for storing clothes and the most thought out lighting system.

The apartment has high-speed digital internet, Wi-Fi and analogue television. If desired, additional office equipment, video equipment, heating sensors, monitoring system can be installed in the apartment. The price includes land parking.



The kitchen zone is located in an isolated niche at the entrance to the apartment. It is furnished with a full corner kitchen set with a capacious sink, electric hob and oven. The kitchen is equipped with all necessary appliances of the Comfort + class: a refrigerator, a microwave, an electric kettle, a hood, and a minimum set of dishes.


Living room

In the living room, there are two comfortable workplaces and a rest area, with a soft sofa by the Magrės baldai brand, and a stylish coffee table. The interior is made in pleasant light milk-pastel colors. There is enough space left to install the plasma panel or watch TV or HD movies with the projector by the Optima line.



A small and stylish bathroom, equipped with a digital system ‘Warm floor’, accommodates a maximum of necessary sanitary facilities, furniture, and household appliances. Thanks to a well-designed lighting system and large mirrors, it does not look cramped. Opaque walls of the shower cubicle allow this room to be used by two people at the same time.



The sleeping place is a double bed, located in a small niche. Here everything is provided for a sound and healthy sleep: walls and ceiling, decorated with wood-like panels, a well thought-out lighting system, and a comfortable soft mattress. The wall of the air muslin provides sleepers with solitude and freely flowing air, which makes it easy to breathe in the sleeping area.


All apartments had been renovated by and under designer’s project and control. The apartments are equipped with modern and high quality furniture, furnishings and accessories which are produced by the world-known, famous and prominent brand named manufacturers.

At your option and for extra charge, you may be offered:

Bed linen

Kitchen appliances and utensils

  • Coffee machine Gusto

Accessories for bathroom

  • Личные предметы для ухода за кожей Стендера

Оргтехника и аудио-видео техника

  • ПОЛНЫЙ HD-видеопроектор от бренда Optoma
  • Smart TV
  • Система Bluetooth-динамики Daymond D.03.001
  • Apple TV и другие аксессуары от Apple

Отопительные детекторы и система контроля квартир

  • Нагревательные детекторы Istabai
  • Оборудование для мониторинга квартир от Fibaro

Прочее оборудование и аксессуары

Кроме того, вы можете арендовать пылесос, тостер, микроволновую печь, фен, мини-сейф, электрическую сушилку.


Information about apartments

If you would like to discuss any issues on these apartments, please call us by the phone (+371) 29541486 or send us a message by e-mail: vascenko.roman@gmail.com

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