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Apartments "Ventspils Loft: Andžela 13"

  • 2
  • 22 м2
  • 1
  • Free (on the street)
  • 2017 year
  • 360°
  • 17/04/2020
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base package 285 EUR /m. standard package 290 EUR /m. business package 290 EUR /m.
Deposit: 250-450 EUR
Utility bills: + 115-135 EUR
Cleaning: + 20 EUR

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Inexpensive loft-style apartment ‘Andžela’ is on the 2nd floor of the renovated youth complex ‘Ventspils Loft’, located in a quiet and cozy place, in close proximity to the center and the main higher educational institutions of Riga. A bus stop is a few meters from the complex, and free street parking is available for the car drivers on the street. Thanks to this, the studio ‘Andžela’ is convenient for renting and living of family students and couples without children.

The total area of ​​the service mini studio is 22 square meters. Its interior is made in a modern minimalist style. The whole situation is mobile and can be changed if desired. Designers managed to place here all the functional zones necessary for comfortable living: an isolated bathroom, a living room, a kitchen and one combined sleeping place.

 ‘Andžela’ apartments are a perfect example of a new approach to the design of flats for a youth audience. A distinctive feature of the studio is the well-planned layout made at the construction stage, which allows to have 2 full windows on a small area. They fill the room with natural light, help to more divide the space clearly and visually make the apartment more spacious.


Ergonomic kitchen is located in the niche between the bathroom and the window. It consists of a table and a spacious hanging cabinet with lighting and is equipped with an Electrolux cooking surface, a classic sink, a socket for two devices, an electric kettle, a set of dishes. There is enough space on the cutting table for necessary household appliances: microwave oven, toaster, coffee maker.

Living room

The space between the windows in the center of the living room is effectively decorated with tiles made of decorative bricks. The recreation area with small comfortable armchairs and a coffee table is combined with a working area, in the center of which there is a computer desk. The whole furniture is mobile and can be changed if desired.


The bathroom has all the necessary equipment and household appliances: European plumbing, shower, sink, mixer, washing machine, ventilation system. The walls are tiled, mimicking the brickwork. A large mirror on the central wall is illuminated from above. For greater comfort, a gas heated towel rail is installed and the ‘Warm floor’ system is installed.


The sleeping area is equipped in a cozy niche between the mirrored sliding-door wardrobe and the wall, trimmed with decorative panels mimicking the wood. There is a comfortable double bed. In the afternoon it serves for rest, and at night turns into a comfortable place to sleep.

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