Planning a move to Riga, but nowhere to live?

  • 23.01 2022 Promotions and Special Offers

If the only thing that stops you from moving to Riga is the lack of housing, then we are ready to help you!

We offer classy micro apartments in a prestigious location near the center of Riga at affordable prices. Our apartments are the ideal choice for the first home in Riga.

✅ Who are our apartments suitable for?

Our apartments are in great demand:

  • among young people who have moved to work in Riga,
  • among students who entered the university
  • among young couples who decide to live together
  • among the employees of the shopping centers "Panorama Plaza", "Riga Plaza", "Spica" and "Spica Home" who want to live closer to work.

👍 Tell your friends and live together!


How to get an offer?

  • Choose the studio you are interested in with an acceptable release date.
  • Contact us by writing a request on the website or send a request to the hotel administrator indicating which region you are from and making a note - "first accommodation".
  • Come - look - choose and book your apartment, and get your discount when booking !!!

We expect you to be positive, accurate and loyal to our international youth community!