• 25.01 2022 Promotions and Special Offers

Do you study well? Get a discount!

Apart-hotel "Ventspils Loft" offers a unique opportunity to turn high ratings into a good discount on youth studio rentals.

✅ It's very simple - We give a discount for good studies!

For example, your average mark in the diploma = Discount on apartment rental in "Ventspils Loft". For example, if you have a diploma with 7.8 points, then our hotel will provide an 8% discount *.

👍 Tell your friends and live together!

* The discount applies not only to graduation balls and can be applied to any educational system of any university.

How to get an offer?

  • Choose the studio you are interested in with an acceptable release date.
  • Contact us by writing a request on the website or send a request to the hotel administrator.
  • Send us a copy of your diploma or other document where you can see the average grade or marks showing high knowledge.
  • Come - see - choose and book your apartment with a discount!

We expect you to be positive, accurate and loyal to our international youth community!

What are the terms of the promo?

Validity of the offer: The offer ended

The promotion is valid only if the tenant fulfills all other conditions under the lease agreement and there are no arrears in payment.

The minimum term for this type of contract is from 9 to 12 months. The promotion cannot be combined with other offers of the complex.