Wonderful apart-hotel that makes you feel at home

  • 25.01 2022 "EcOlive" News

My name is Louise Elizabeth. For friends, just Lisa 😉. I came to Riga from Italy to study in Latvia. Which I do not regret at all. Riga is a wonderful city, and local educational institutions are quoted in Europe. True, at first glance, Latvians may seem "cold", but upon closer acquaintance, this impression disappears. In fact, very friendly people live in Latvia, always ready to support their guests.

I was looking for an apartment in Riga about six months before the start of my studies. There were many offers on the Internet, both very cheap with an old renovation, and super expensive. From the accommodation options found, I chose the EcOlive hotel. I was interested in the attractive price, stylish design and I was right. The hotel is located close to the center and the university campus. It takes about five minutes to go to the bus stop, and even less to the tram. In order not to be late for a lecture, it is not at all necessary to get up early. There are 2 large shopping centers 5 km away. In general, there are all conditions for a comfortable life.

The private complex of EcOlive apartments is small, only 15 rooms. They are mainly occupied by students from different universities, employees of international companies working in the Mukusalas office centers and several pilots and stewardesses of the Riga airport. From the hotel it is convenient to get to the sea to Jurmala. And I try to use it.

But the main thing, of course, is the complex itself. Cozy, with its own history (the house in which we live for over 100 years) and at the same time very modern apart-hotel has its own private green patio, where you can spend time with friends in summer. There is a gazebo, a cozy rain shed and a fireplace on the territory.

Each room is a separate, fully furnished and equipped apartment with household appliances. There is everything from soft cozy Dormeo bedding to smart TV. You don't need to bring or buy anything. Moreover, the price is much lower than the cost of renting an apartment in the city and, unlike a hotel or hostel, guests can be brought. In addition, the administration often makes concessions to permanent residents. For example, I entered into a long-term lease for more than 1 year, and I was allowed to live with my dog.

At the first stage, as soon as I arrived, I was lucky to move into one of the renovated rooms - Santa 8 on the 2nd floor.

She completely suited me, but after a year of living I wanted to change the decor, because each apartment here has an individual author's design. The administration again went to meet me, and my dog and I moved to studio Santa 3. She's also great!

What else to say? Of course, I miss my family and friends who stayed in Italy, but I already boldly call Riga my home. I like it here!