For 3 years of my life in Riga, the Ventspils Loft hotel has become my second home!

  • 25.01 2022 "Ventspils Loft" News

My name is Zina. Three years ago I came to Riga to become a student at the Stradins Medical University. I was very worried if I could get used to my new life. And first of all, the problem of living was worried. I didn't want to check into the university dormitory. There are good conditions, but for my character it is too noisy and crowded.

Although worried in vain 😀. The agency offered me several nice options for living in Riga. I looked at everything and chose a very nice apartment complex "Ventspils Loft". Firstly, I liked its location - not far from my university and the city center. Secondly, it won over that it does not look like a hotel or a hostel at all. Each room is a separate cozy micro-apartment with modern renovation. Mainly students from various Riga universities live here, as well as pilots and flight attendants, because the airport is not far away, which is also important for me.

The apartments are small, but they have everything: a shower, a bathroom with a washing machine, a place for study and a place for sleeping and cooking with all the equipment and utensils. This is especially convenient for me, since I prefer to cook myself. And also - Ventspils Loft has very helpful staff, especially the administrator of the Roman complex. You can deal with any everyday problem - they will always help, prompt, decide.

The first six months I lived alone in a small studio called Džesika 18. Then we started filming it together with my classmate and divided the rent in half. The prices for renting in Ventspils Loft are already small, especially if it is the city center, and for two it is quite inexpensive.

After finishing the first course, we went home for the whole summer and pre-booked a bigger room Martins 21. And we got a discount for that 👍. It was very nice.

In the third year, we decided to live separately - my neighbor stayed, and I moved to Jessica's studio. I can't say which apartment was better. They are all wonderful, comfortable, cozy and at the same time super modern.

Now I am spending the summer at home in anticipation of the 4th year of study. I hope that the quarantine will be lifted, the pandemic will subside and will not prevent me from returning by September. I really miss Latvia, my friends, the university and, of course, the hotel where I lived for almost three years.