Where foreign student can live in Riga?

  • 28.05 2020 Publications

First-year students have to solve many problems which are related to study in the high schools and to living conditions. One of the challenge students face is accommodation. It is just as important as the studying thing. There are many living arrangements for students, such as dorms, on-campus or off-campus apartments, hotels and hostels, apart-hotel and rental homes. So, let's get to it and take a look at student accommodations on and off-campus offered by Riga – the Latvian capital.

As of early 2020 Riga is a home for 22 institutions of higher education. Among them 8 highest-ranked establishments that are included in the list of 10 best Latvian universities. Many universities offer English-taught study programs. That makes Latvian universities very popular among foreign students and participants of Erasmus student exchange programmes.

Largest Latvian universities offer the comfortable accommodation possibilities on campus dormitories or provide assistance and recommendation with housing search. Average monthly living expenses in student dormitories are estimated to be between 185 EUR/month. Utilities, communication and public transportation cost is between 150-200 EUR. Latvian housing market offers students a wide selection of the rental possibilities and they can easily choose housing option that most convenient for study and living.

Popular Latvian Universities among foreign students:

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