Individual offer only for students RSU

  • 25.01 2022 Promotions and Special Offers

If you are a student of RSU, LU, RTU, RISEBA or plan to become one, come to us and receive a Student Standart / Bussines package a cash bonus or for accommodation in the amount of 60 to 120 euros ** per year!


"Ventspils Loft" provides a new specialized offer for apartments «Student Medical residence».

"Student Medical residence" are 12 cool youth studios, such as Sindija series (16 sq.m), Maikl and Andzela series (22 sq.m). All studios are rented with 2 different equipment packaging (Basic package, Standart package).

Student Standart equipment package for students includes a set of desktop orgs necessary for study. accessories and wifi HP LaserJet Pro M15w printer.By agreement with the client, it can be replaced with a personal Internet package.

Personal Internet package “Student Medical residence” includes optical Internet connection with speed up to 200mb (lattelekom internet up to 200 mb + Helio TV) and may be partially paid by the lessor depending on the rental period of the studio.

How to get an offer?

  • Contact us by writing an application on the site or by sending a request to the loft administrator.
  • Come and see - choose and reserve your studio!

We expect you to be positive, honest and loyal to our international youth community!

What are the terms of the promo?

Validity of the offer: from 01.01.2022 till 30.12.2022 inclusive

The offer is valid only for RSU, LU, RTU, RISEBA students.

The minimum duration for this kind of contract is from 6 to 12 months.