The offer LIVE for FREE at Aparthotel ECOLIVE

  • 22.09 2021 Promotions and Special Offers

Rent an apartment in "EcOlive" for a period of 1 year and the first month will be for FREE!


"EcOlive" is offering a free "test" residence at the property within 30 days, without having to pay the rent!*

Free accommodation will be like a bonus, subject to the conclusion of a rental contract for at least 1 year for an apartment of 32 sq.m. (bizenss package)

Date of arrival to the apartment from 15.04.19-20.04.19

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How to get an offer?

Make a reservation of an apartment of 32 sq.m. for a period of at least 1 year

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What are the terms of the promo?

Validity of the offer: The offer ended

Terms for the campaign “Live for Free”:

Validity of the campain until 15/04/19

  • The promotion is valid when renting Rudolf studios for a period of at least 12-15 months with the Business Package.
  • The deposit amount - 300-500 euros shall be paid immediately at the conclusion of the lease agreement.
  • In the event of a premature termination of the lease agreement, on the client’s side, the amount of the received bonus (i.e., the rental price for an apartment for 1 month) is deducted from the paid deposit.
  • The promotion is not summarized with other special offers valid in the apartment hotel for the term of the rental period.

* Fixed utility bills (140 euros) for the month of residence for the action, paid at the end of the term of the action, that is, after 30 days.