• 30.07 2018 "EcOlive" News

At the basis of ApartHotel"EcOlive" there is the concept of connecting service apartments for family travelers and a classic apartment income house. This type of real estate hybrid allows you to provide long-term accommodation in fully equipped mini apartaments or the possibility of reception of guests in the summer, as well as the provision of services of the short term residence.

«EcOlive 25» - the living area of 24sq.m

The apartment (24 sq.m.) is an economical solution for young professionals and students, with their own kitchen and separate toilet / shower. The room has a comfortable corner double sofa and desk. Here you will find a set of necessary utensils and modern equipment - electric stove, refrigerator, cooker hood, microwave oven. Coffee apparatus Dolce Gusto will allow you to prepare fragrant coffee in a few minutes.

«EcOlive 35» - the area of 35 sq.m

Apartments (35 sq.m) provide comfortable living for 1-2 people. They have their own kitchen and separate toilet / shower. The room has a comfortable corner double sofa, desk for work. Here you will find a full set of necessary utensils and modern equipment. The studio is ideal for long-term rent for young couples or for people who have to live away from home. Especially comfortable here will feel young people, students, professionals working in Riga on long-term contracts or travelers who decided to live some time in the Latvian capital and want to get acquainted with it.

«EcOlive 50» - living area of 48sq.m

Mansard apartments in the newly renovated Eco Live apart-hotel for single or double accommodation, just 10 minutes from the center of Riga and the city center. The apartments (48 sq.m) are located on the attic floor and are the best choice for both single creative people of creative professions, and for young couples or students wishing to share expenses. The design of the apartment is carefully thought out, so in a small room it will be convenient to receive guests. The apartment is decorated in light, soothing colors, and 8 Velux windows literally flood the room with sunlight, causing positive emotions and giving the apartment a modern look. A lot of natural materiāls are used in the apartment, so it looks especially cozy. In the living room there is an area dedicated fo work.

«EcOlive 100» - the living area of 100m

The apartments of 100 sq.m are located on the attic floor. This is the best choice of living together for 2-3 students who know each other. The apartments have a spacious kitchen area, a lounge with a common leasure area, a jacuzzi and 10 light attic windows. All living area is organized as much functionally as possible. It is equipped with all necessary furniture and household appliances. There are 2 separate bedrooms + 1 guest bed in the living room.