• 25.01 2022 "Ventspils Loft" News

Ventspils apartment make your life easier , just  that the taxi drivers have a hard time understanding the C in Ventspils Iela 63C but i think they'll get used to it…i hope they will :D

Finding a home u feel peaceful and safe in  is always a must , as a international student studying for Dentistry I'm going to be here for a long time and for me a place where i can feel at ease is rather very important.

its a small space but honestly i would choose this over a larger one because all u need in this space provided - a very comfortable bed, a mini refrigerator ( Food n sleep…i mean 10 on 10) and all that a person needs to feel at home. and who's got the time to clean a larger area :P and bonus they have monthly cleaning service.

A mall is in walkable distance to be more precise 5 mins n airport too 10 mins in a taxi “Bon Voyage”. 

The best part about the apartment however is those two big windows through which the sunlight shines right in making u feel the warmth in the cold…it makes u look forward for the day ahead. :)

So happy to have found a place that feels like a Home away from Home.