One day at the apart-hotel VENTSPILS LOFT

  • 25.01 2022 "Ventspils Loft" News

 "Ventspils Loft" is a wonderful place. I’m living here more than half a year already and I really like it because I appreciate peace and quiet here because I have a very active lifestyle. I not only study, but also try to work hard, travel and live between two cities. And after a hard day's work, it's so important to find yourself in a place where you can let go all your thoughts and mentally rest from all your worries for a few moments. For me, this kind of a place is "Ventspils Loft" near the super market "Spice".

There’s -8 outside, around six at the evening, I just returned from London. I managed to unpack my suitcases and did some yoga. Behind the window, the machines slip by one after the other, and I’m sitting here in the harmony with myself and with warm green tea in my arms, and there are lines in my head:

"Maybe I'm crazy

Maybey you're crazy

Maybe we're crazy

Probably "

It seems like that Daniel Andrejid cover. There is always a pleasant music playing. The last sip of tea, the last line of the song, and I have to run again ..