• 26.02 2018 "Ventspils Loft" News

My name is Andrey. I am 23 years old. I have been living in the apart-hotel "Ventspils Loft" since last summer.

I accidentally found out about this amazing place on the Internet and after the first visit decided, that is a place where I would like to live in.

Major facts which influenced my decision to live here are: a quality, place and price.

Based on these facts I could conclude, that the manager of this apart-hotel is making a good marketing, which is actually working perfectly.

Speaking shortly: the product (service) is different from the other competitors by stylish design; The location is an important aspect to be considered- Spice shopping mall which is 5min walk and Old Riga-10 minutes by bus make this place more attractive;

The price is quite competitive comparing with the other offers; Different channels are used to advertise and promote the apart-hotel.

I’m living in the small studio, which perfectly fits my needs.

I am working as a transport manager at the logistics company, and continuing my studies   on the Masters level at the Latvian University.

So actually it means that I don’t spend too much time at home. On the working days it’s usually nights, however on weekends I’m trying to spend at least half a day at home doing my homeworks, cooking, cleaning my studio.

In conclusion I would like to mention that all the tenants are different with various  life stories, values, aims etc. However, I like that exactly this place has joined us and has created a kind of community, where we are communicating with each other, celebrating Birthdays and having a fun together.