History about one day at the complex Ganibu Loft

  • 18.09 2021 "Ventspils Loft" News

Do you believe in love at first sight? I also did not believe before meeting him - my beloved apartment. When I first met him, I realized that for some time I would definitely want to have a relationship with him, I just did not know how long our affair would last - whether it will be short term - for a couple of months, or it will turn out to be something more serious and more durable.


During my time, my feelings toward him did not diminish but increased. I discovered that he is almost perfect and has many great characteristics. Those who say that the appearance does not matter, in my opinion, lies. I like my friend to be modern and stylish. Our tastes definitely are similar and that's important!

However, he not only looks good but also meets all my needs and always makes me feel at home. I greatly appreciate its practicality, reliability and security. No one interferes with our relationship. Neighbors are polite and invisible - do not wake us up with loud guitar sounds and do not interfere with the night's peace with a stormy parties.

We are together for the third year now and do not think about separation. I admit - when somebody wants to get him in his posession, I'm jealous!