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Divide all payments with your friend for apartment EcOlive 100!

  • 05.06 2020 Promotions and Special Offers

Do not miss your chance to save on Apartment renting.

Live with your best friend and share your bills for 2-3 persons.


Rental price for accommodation:

  • 2 people - 200 EUR/person*
  • 3 people - 150 EUR/person*


*Additional payment for utilities and other services of the apartment hotel is 100-125 EUR/person.


If you are modern, communicative and you have friend with whom you’d like to live together - "Ventspils Loft" offers well planned, comfortable, small-sized studios.

Here you will find a comfortable bathroom with a shower and warm floor, a small, comfortable kitchenette with a fridge, an electric owen and microwave. The sleeping area is equipped with the special couches from the brand Sleepwell.

How to get an offer?

  • Choose the studio you are interested in by the date it is available.
  • Contact us by writing an application on the site or by sending a request to the loft administrator.
  • Come and see - choose and reserve your studio!

We expect you to be positive, honest and loyal to our international youth community!

What are the terms of the promo?

Validity of the offer: The offer ended

The offer is valid only when contracts are signed with each of the friends.

The minimum duration for this kind of contract is from 6 to 12 months. The rent is € 225 per person(total not less than 450 eur -2 person)+ a flat-rate payment for the hotel complex services € 100 per person.(total not less than 300 eur -3 person)/p>