ARCHIVE - Loft Apartments in Riga "Ganibu Loft"

Common information about Micro Loft Apartments

  • Total number of apartments: 6
  • Year of opening: 2015
  • Lift: No
  • Check in: 8:00 to 24:00
  • Check out:  8:00 to 24:00
  • Languages: Latvian, Russian, and English
  • Address: 31b Ganibu dambis street, Riga (location on the map)
  • Late check-in or early check-out: Yes, for an additional fee (€15)
  • Designated Smoking Area: Yes. On the street, there is a special place for smoking
  • Types of payment: Bank transfer, PayPal*, credit cards through the online application Swipe*. *In these payment options there may be an additional commission for an online transaction.
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Information about reception

  • 24 hours reception: No. Administration is available by phone (+371) 29541486
  • Coffee machine: No
  • Free Wi-Fi: No

Information about the apartments

  • Breakfast: No
  • Air conditioning: No
  • Heating: Yes
  • Safe: Mini safe, extra charge
  • Smoking Rooms: No
  • Extra beds: Maximum 1, folding bed
  • "Standard & Cleaning" service package: Yes, paid separately
  • "Lux & Cleaning" service package: Yes, paid separately
  • Apartment cleaning: Yes, once a month for free. More frequent cleaning is for a fee.
  • Luggage or things storage: No
  • Pets are allowed: the animals up to 10 kg are allowed by special agreement with the administration, for an additional fee (from 10 € per month)
  • Dry cleaning, ironing: no, but near the hotel there is a company "Irve" (in the shopping center Sky&More), which provides these services
  • "Smart House" system: For a fee, you can install a set of remote control of heating and other electrical appliances

Parking and transfer

  • Free outdoor parking: Yes
  • On-site parking: Yes, chargeable (€15 per month)
  • Taxi order: No
  • Transfer from / to the airport: upon special agreement with the administration, there is the possibility of organizing a transfer or assistance in ordering a taxi

*Please let the administrator know your expected arrival time in advance. You can use the special request box when booking or contact the administrator directly by phone (+371) 29541486.

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Archive Status
  • 3
  • 1
  • 33 м2
  • 2014 year

Apartment "Ganibu Loft: Solo 212"

Ganibu Dāmbis
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Archive Status
  • 4
  • 1
  • 34 м2
  • 2014 year

Apartment "Ganibu Loft: Solo 412"

Ganibu Dāmbis
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Archive Status
  • 1
  • 1
  • 33 м2
  • 2014 year

Apartment "Ganibu Loft: REP-111"

Ganibu Dāmbis
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Archive Status
  • 1
  • 1
  • 34 м2
  • 2014 year

Apartment "Ganibu Loft: Jazz 109"

Ganibu Dāmbis
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Archive Status
  • 1
  • 1
  • 33 м2
  • 2014 year

Apartment "Ganibu Loft: Jazz 110"

Ganibu Dāmbis
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Archive Status
  • 1
  • 1
  • 33 м2
  • 2014 year

Apartment "Ganibu Loft: REP-112"

Ganibu Dāmbis
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Archive Status
  • 2
  • 1
  • 33 м2
  • 2014 year

Apartment "Ganibu Loft: Disko"

Ganibu Dāmbis

What is Loft?

The loft – is the architectural style of the apartments. It is actually a conversion and transformation of the industrial facilities and factories into residential apartments. The loft as the interior style was firstly emerged in the middle of XX century in the urbanized United States. As the land price in the city had been dramatically grown, the owners of the production spaces had been forced to move production into suburbs and empty industrial facilities have been transformed into housing premises. Going through difficult way from workshop or working room to comfortable dwelling, the loft became popular all over the world. Today the loft is preferred by people who value usable, creative and minimal interior.


Features of the style

As a rule, the loft style is for designing of studios where furniture and finishing are used for dividing the functional areas. It may seem that such a living space is an economical one. But in reality, the loft style is one of the most expensive and elite styles.

Usually, the loft style uses softened color, calm, and cold – grey, blue and metallic. The finishing works are specific – one of the walls and part of the floor and ceiling near of the walls are decorated by the panels or tiles stylized under brisk or wood. Such a finishing technique is used to specifically designate and mark a functional area.

The furniture under the loft style is simple and functional. The furniture is also served as a partition and divided space into sectors.


Micro loft in interior of studios in Riga

Loft apartments “Ganibu Loft” are located in the former factory administrative and office facility in Riga. The sizes of studios are varied from 29 to 33 square meters. In 2015 the company LLC “NG Grupa” had fully renovated the factory facility and transformed them into modern and comfortable housing complex. Today all these inexpensive studios are for rent, and the terms of lease are starting from one month. The apartments are small studios which are designed in the neo-loft style. The team of young creative architects and designers were capable within a limited space to create a comfortable and modern apartment that includes bathroom with toilet, sleeping space, living area, kitchen and working space.

Multi-functional micro-loft apartments for young couples or young professionals. Pay attention to "Ganibu Loft" if you want to find inexpensive and comfortable accommodation.


Close to the apartments there is a large shopping center "Sky & More", several business centers and hotels where are located popular restaurants and cafes in Riga:

  • Japanese Restaurants - GanBei (shopping center "Sky&More")
  • European Restaurant - Unimars (hotel "Unimars")
  • Italian Restaurant - Vairāk Saules
  • Fast Food Restaurant - Terra
  • Several cafes - Cup&Cino, Lavazza boutique (shopping center "Sky&More")

Beauty and health

Within walking distance, there are:

  • Beauty center - Pastelle
  • Fitness center - MyFitness
  • Pharmacies - SAULES APTIEKA
  • Cosmetics and perfumery store - KristiAna
  • Shop of professional cosmetics for hair - 4hair

The shops

The two-storey shopping center "Sky & amp; More", located 4 minutes' drive away, with shops of the best brands in all categories:

  • Grocery store - Sky
  • Organic food - Biotēka
  • Sports nutrition, food additives - BAKER NUTRITION
  • Peasant market - Slow Food
  • Shop of coffee and coffee machines - Lavazza Espresso Point
  • A large number of clothing and footwear stores - Armani, JOOP!, COO CULTE, TRUSSARDI JEANS, G-STAR RAW, VERSACE JEANS, GUESS, PIQUARDO and others
  • Several shops with goods for home, home textiles, decoration items and accessories

Reviews of apartments

  • "par "Ganibu Loft" apartamentiem" Dzīvoju "Ganibu Loft" apartamentos jau vairāk kā gadu. Apartamenti pilnībā atbilst manām vajadzībām, ir nelieli, bet ērti un ar kvalitatīvām mēbelēm un tehniku. Ļoti izdevīga atrašanās vieta, tuvu gan pilsētas centram, gan Mežaparkam. Patīkami kaimiņi, ko prieks no rītiem sveicināt,kā arī īpašnieki vienmēr atsaucīgi. Kaspars
  • "Мы искали, что то очень красивое, но не дорогое." Рассказ от нашего гостя, в рамках конкурса "Один день в апарт-отеле".

    Каждый, кто входит в эту квартиру, восхищается ею, даже крестники приезжают в гости с радостью, ведь у крестной такая классная квартира. Так же сладкие сны здесь проходят без тревоги. Квартира обустроена со вкусом, обставлена стильной мебелью. Большую благодарность могу высказать дизайнеру квартиры комплекса „Ganubu loft”, ведь продуманно все до самых мелких деталей. Кажется, что квартира очень простая, но в то же самое время со своей изюминкой.
    Дайла и Арминс
  • "Ganibu loft – эта была любовь с первого взгляда!" Рассказ от нашего гостя, в рамках конкурса "Один день в апарт-отеле".

    Я всегда уважаю и ценю высокое обслуживанье, а так же отношение, это определенно про „Ganibu loft”, потому что, живя здесь, про меня не забывали, начиная с женского дня и заканчивая Рождеством и Новым годом - на все праздники я получаю теплые поздравления и подарки от арендодателя. Это очень приятно.
  • "We are together for the third year now and do not think about separation." A story from our guest, within the framework of the contest "One day at the apart-hotel".

    Do you believe in love at first sight? I also did not believe before meeting him - my beloved apartment. When I first met him, I realized that for some time I would definitely want to have a relationship with him, I just did not know how long our affair would last - whether it will be short term - for a couple of months, or it will turn out to be something more serious and more durable.
  • "Отличные уютные апартаменты !! Советую!!!" Не первый раз в Риге, но впервые останавливался в апартаментах. Был приятно удивлен комфортом квартиры и качеством дополнительных услуг. Квартира очень аккуратная, фешенебельная и грамотно продуманная. Площадь компактная, но все необходимое для работы и отдыха присутствует. Все чисто. Полный комплект посуды, моечных принадлежностей, стиральный порошок и все пр. имеется. Обслуживание ненавязчивое. Все договоренности были аккуратно соблюдены, я остался доволен и планирую вернуться вновь. Егор

Frequently asked Questions

Security deposit is the requirement when leasing all our apartments. As a rule, the amount of security deposit is varied and roughly equal to one and half month or two months’ rent. It is varied from €450 to €600. The security deposit will assure us that residents will keep the apartment in clean, orderly and safe condition and use our property with respect, caution and care.

If the apartment is damaged by any casualty resulting from any actions of residents, their family, guests and visitors we are expecting that they will notify the management on these events and be liable for the cost of any such damage.

Subject to the specific arrangements with the management, the security deposit may be divided into two-three parts and be paid within one-three months.

You will find the date of rent payment in the bill. Rent must be paid in full before that date. The rent payment is effected in euro and can be made via bank transfer within two-three days after resident moves into the apartment.

The bill includes rent with all local taxes, charges and fees. If the legal entity rents the apartment, the rent will additionally include 21% of the value-added tax.

The booking of apartment will be secured upon you make a pre-payment in the amount indicated in the bill.

The rent payment can be made via bank transfer, or with the use of the PayPal payment system or with the credit card through the online application Swipe.

Sure. If you have any questions on vacated apartments or lease terms, feel free to call us by (+371) 29541486 or you can send us your question by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can use a contact form in our site.

For convenience of our clients, the management of our office is available during office hours to assist you in moving in and in moving out of the apartment. The standard office hours are from eight mornings to midnight.

The management will not provide transfer service.

For permanent residents and subject to a specific agreement, we can arrange transfer free of charge. Our manager will meet you at Riga airport and will escort you to the apartment.

The management can help you to order an inexpensive taxi cabs. To find out prices on taxi services in Riga or place order for transfer from airport, you can call by (+371) 29541486 or send us a request by our e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

After the lease agreement has been signed, security deposit and booking fee are paid in full, the clause of the lease agreement on impossibility to terminate the rent or change the length of lease is entering in force. In case the client would like to terminate the lease agreement before the end of the lease term or in case the client will not move into the apartment, all paid monies are not refundable as it states in the management policy.


As all our apartments are for a long lease, there are no issues with the guests and you decide yourself who will visit you and who won’t.

The rent of all apartments is calculated per month. The minimal lease term is one month.

For convenience purpose you may find a rent payment calculator in special category “Rent” at the full description of the apartments in our site. You may calculate the lease payment depending on the selected apartment and terms of lease.

Upon clients’ preferences we offer three packages of furnishings:

  • Basic package – the apartment is rented without any furnishings (i.e. without bedding, house ware, Turkish towels, etc.).This rent option is popular among young couples as they book apartment for long length and usually move into the apartment with their personal properties and furnishings.
  • The package STANDARD@CLEANING includes absolutely new set of bed linens, towels for bathroom and kitchen, set of dishware, soap and everything you need to feel yourself as at your own home. The cost of set will be paid separately.
  • The package LUX@CLEANING includes all items listed in the STANDARD package but items are made from high quality materials. The package also includes other additional items. Payment for the set is effected separately.

Also, for small amount of money your apartment will be cleaned more frequently than usually.

All apartments have a fully equipped kitchen. If you place an order for a package of STANDARD@CLEANING or LUX@CLEANING, all kitchen will have a set of new dishware for cooking and eating.

By Latvian legislation smoking in all residential apartments is strictly forbidden. There is a special smoking area outside of the apartment.

The management requests you to obey the smoking rules as such obedience is the sign of respect to the quests that will live in the apartment after you leave it.

We provide mandatory regular free of charge monthly cleaning service for all our apartments.

The bed lines are not changed as all apartments are equipped with the washing machines.

If you decide to order additional services, you may pay via bank transfer or PayPal payment system or by credit card via online application Swipe*

*If payment is effected via PayPal or credit card, the extra online fee may be charged.

Yes, there is hypermarket Sky near the apartment, just in few steps, roughly nine minutes of walk. Small farm market is located not far from the trade center Sky&More.

No, there are no mini safe-deposit boxes in the apartments.

Mini safe-deposit boxes can be available under specific request and for buyers of extra package.

Pets and birds are not allowed in the apartment. By this ban we guarantee to all our guests the absence of allergy.

However, for our permanent residents and with our prior consent we can allow small pets (weight is up to 10 kg) to stay in the apartment. It will cost roughly 10 euro per month.