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    The Balsts Company is one of the oldest companies on the market now being a leader in the sphere of dynamics of development in Latvia.

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    The Vecpils company was founded in September 1993 and has been successfully working in the sphere of real estate property for more than 10 years.

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    The Arco Real Estate Company was founded in 1992 in Tallinn. Now the patent company is one of the most influential companies of the property market in Estonia.

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    City Real Estate is a new and fast-growing company that was founded by real estate specialists that have long presented themselves as the best experts of their sphere of activity. Combining our employees’ serious experience, wide range of business contacts and the young company’s possibility to adapt to any situations this organization is ready to take a solid place on the real estate market and cover a large range of offers in the property sphere.

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    The Ober Haus Company is the largest and only real estate company that works in the Baltic countries and in central Europe. It founded bureaus in Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The OberHaus Company has been offering a full range of high-level services in the real estate sphere since 1994. In 30 bureaus more than 320 real estate specialists work.