Company history


"LK-Group" includes several companies ("LANGE" 1991- 1994, "LANGE UN KOMPANIJA" 1994-2014, "LK CITI", "LK VENTSPILS" 2007-2017) connected by business projects develop real estate projects in Latvia.

Nowadays, the "LK CITI" Company as "Ganibu loft" brand offers to rent one-room apartments with high-quality refurbishment from the project on Ganibu Dambis 31.

The new project of the "LK VENTSPILS" Company is a complex on Ventpils 31b reconstructed in a modern youth Micro loft format.

By the way, we have been owners of a range of land plots near Riga since 2003. Being on the right of private owners of land plots, we continue preparing investments projects referring to the land of Latvia and selling sites for the construction of cottage communities with development business plans.



Specialists working for us and advising the company have more than 25-year work experience on the real estate market. They had started working with us since 1991 when the first head company, "LANGE", was founded. Their and our experience gained in previous years is a guarantee of competence and quality of services provided by us.


So, at the very beginning of our business activity in 1992-1993 our employees were the first who started providing professional intermediary rental services.


Later, in 1995, they concluded the contract with Saules banka (Aizkraukles banka) and began offering mortgage loan services.


In June 1996, due to the active involvement of our specialists the real estate department was first released on the basis of the joint program with the University of Latvia. In 1996, they started providing professional services of the sales of private houses. In a short period of time our employees released more than 100 private houses including exclusive mansions and villas.


From 2002 to 2008 our specialists fully released more than 16 investment projects, in the context of which land plots were offered for the private construction near Riga. More than 300 clients have already purchased plots in settlements of the company. The major financial partners were large banks of Latvia, Parex banka, Aizkraukles banka and others. Especially we would like to emphasize our treasure, the "Dizbardi" Project. This settlement is considered by our clients as the best residential settlement for the individual construction of 2007.


In this period in the context of the program “YOUR HOME” we continue long-term work on the development of the modern series of cottage projects and the cottage construction in Babitsky and Stopinsky districts (the program combined different projects of frame houses including the Finnish projects by Kastelli).


In this period the group of companies operates a range of new business-class apartments in the center of the city developing a rather new format, “Design-Apartments of Business-Class”. It was such successful projects as: Tomsona Terases, Centra Nams, Ziedoņdārza mājas, Terra Sofija, Zalves Darzs, Trijādības ielā 2A-4, Staraja Rusas 22a.

From 2012 to 2014 our company was an absolute leader in the sector of the secondary sales of apartments for a resident permit in significant Skanstes Virsotnes complex (developed by the Merks Company).


Nowadays, the company reacting to market requirements develops a new format of modern stylish small apartments. We purchase apartments in loft complexes and also reconstruct small hotels. Such format differs from the trendy stream called StudentHousing in planning, comfort of living and fashionable design.


The company acquires a historic building in the center of Tornakalns - EcOlive apartment complex. A long-term reconstruction of the building is carried out taking into account the historical features.

In 2019, EcOlive opens its doors to foreign students, hired professionals in neighboring office centers, and young couples. The combination of attentiveness to the needs of each of the target audiences, creative design elements, combined with the preservation of the historical appearance of the building, distinguish our complex from other residential formats.