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Sale and rent of apartments in Riga without intermediaries.

LK-CITI group offers a wide choice of apartments for rent in Riga for short-term and long-term. The apartments are offering directly from the owner. In our catalogue we have collected only top-quality single room and two-room design apartments. The residences are of different comfort classes and low priced.

Currently our company offers apartments in two residential housing complexes. The Apart hotel “Ventspils Loft” is perfectly suitable for students who are planning to enter or have already studied at the nearest universities. The Apart hotel is placed near the airport so that the apartments are very popular and in a high demand among pilots, stewardess and other staff of Riga’s airport. The ApartHotel “EcOlive” is located in a quiet, environmentally friendly area of Riga, not far from the old city center.

About company

  • 10Residential housing complexes
  • 52Apartments for rent
  • 2970+Happy clients
  • 2Investments projects
  • 30+Apartments for sale

The advantages and benefits of our apartments

  • All our apartments are ready for comfortable accommodation and living. The apartments are furnished and equipped with stylish new furniture, modern appliances, Wi-Fi, kitchen utensils. The residents can order additional services.
  • All housing complexes are located at the districts with well-developed infrastructure. There are restaurants, fitness centers, free and paid parking spaces, outdoor storage and laundry (only in “Ventspils Loft”).
  • Our company meets the requirements of clients and offers attractive conditions of the rent. To get a personal and individual level of comfort when living in our apartments, tenants are entitled to choose what services to be included into the rent payment.

Catalog of apartments for rent


At “Ventspils Loft” our company offers for rent small apartment studios with designer's renovation. The apart hotel is located 3 km from the center of Riga and 5 km from the airport. The rent of apartments is very popular among students from nearby located University of Latvia, Riga Stradins University, Riga Technical University, and “RISEBA” University of business, arts and technology and the student exchange program Erasmus. The complex is situated near the “Spice” shopping mall with popular restaurants, sport clubs and supermarkets.

  • Riga airport – 8 minutes;
  • Railway station – 12 minutes;
  • Riga Technical University – 11 minutes;
  • “RISEBA” University of business, arts and technology – 7 minutes;
  • Riga Stradina University – 8 minutes;
  • University of Latvia – 10 minutes;

Small apartments for one person

  • 1 person
  • 11-16 m2

Inexpensive apartments for students and young people are situated on 1-2-3 floors of the new Apart hotel “Ventspils Loft”. Mini studio is the hybrid of cozy apartment and comfortable hotel room.

Details on “Andzei” apartment

Modern apartments in Riga

  • 1-2 persons
  • 22-32 m2

Studios are specifically designed for accommodation and living of young married couples and young people. Modern design of the apartment is based on the loft style and such a style is aimed at creative and progressive-minded people. Studio-loft for two persons is designed for comfortable living and accommodation of pilots, flight attendants and other personnel of AIRBALTIC Air Company. The size of the studio-loft for two persons is 32 square meters. This type of apartments is in demand among students for exchange in the Erasmus program.

Details on “Martins 21” apartment

Reviews about us

  • "I have rented a 22m appartment for 5 months" Idealy located near shopping center and 2 minutes away from bus stop to city center. Appartments are brand new and modernly furnished and decorated, i really enjoyed my stay and recomend it! Mathieu Trabuc
  • "Замечательное место" Прекрасный отель с очень внимательным и всегда готовым помочь владельцем, персонал, который в любую минуту доступен и очень ангажирован, что на сегодняшний день редкость. Квартирка была очень чистой, современный ремонт и в тоже время по-домашнему уютной, где всё продумано до мелочей. Удобная парковка во дворе отеля. Хорошее расположение. В шаговой доступности огромный закупочный центр. Прекрасное сообщение со всеми районами города. Отель очень тихий, рекомендую для всех, кому нравится уют, покой и домашняя атмосфера. Юлия
  • "Video review from our guest Weronica about Accommodation in Ventspils Loft" >>> Video review
    Thank you Weronica for the kind words about our student hotel.
  • "Обслуживание на высочайшем уровне!" Хочу выразить благодарность всему персоналу данного комплекса, и особенное Спасибо Роману!!! Обслуживание на высочайшем уровне! Проживая в студии чувствуешь себя как дома. Студии оформлены с душой и очень качественно. Всё по европейским стандартам,даже не хочется уезжать. Очень лояльные цены при таком уровне комфорта!!! Очень рекомендую остановиться именно здесь. В шаговой доступности огромный торговый центр "Spice", и не далеко от достопримечетельностей "СтароРиги" Спасибо за заботу!!! 👍👍👍 Надеюсь, что ещё увидимся! 😉 Олег
  • "Замечательные современные апартаменты" Очень качественные современные апартаменты. Есть стиральная машина, вместительный холодильник. Имеется платная парковка. Марина
  • "Ideal accommodation for my active lifestyle" My name is Lada, I’m 23-year-old. I’m a recent Manchester School of Architecture graduate and currently having my year out to work for an architectural practice in Riga.
    The Lofts is an ideal accommodation for my active lifestyle: advantageous location, affordable prices, nice people and abilities for socialising. I freely speak English, Russian, and Latvian, therefore feel more than comfortable in an international community here. You can find many nice benefits here and hopefully make friends. If you are a young, ambitious, openminded and busy person as I am, you’ll definitely like the place.
    Hope to see you soon!
  • "Жизнь в отеле Ventspils Loft" Хочешь жить весело? Заселяйтесь в этот комплекс. Юмор и хорошое настроение от хозяина гарантируется.
    Всегда можно всё решить, самое главное разговаривать.
  • "So happy to have found a place that feels like a Home away from Home" Zee short for Zeena is how people often call me and I think its easier, just like how ventspils apartment make your life easier , just that the taxi drivers have a hard time understanding the C in Ventspils Iela 63C but i think they'll get used to it…i hope they will :D

    Finding a home you feel peaceful and safe in is always a must , as a international student studying for Dentistry I'm going to be here for quite some time and for me a place where i can feel at ease is rather very important.

    its a small space but honestly i would choose this over a larger one because all that you need is in this space provided - a very comfortable bed, a mini refrigerator ( Food n sleep…i mean 10 on 10) and all that a person needs to feel at home. and who's got the time to clean a larger area anyway :P and bonus they have monthly cleaning service.

    A shopping mall is in walkable distance to be more precise 5 mins and airport too 10 mins in a taxi “Bon Voyage”.

    The best part about the apartment however is those two big windows through which the sunlight shines right in making u feel the warmth in the cold…it makes u look forward for the day ahead. :)

    So happy to have found a place that feels like a Home away from Home.
  • "Modern and comfortable accommodation in a great location" I can say without any doubts that I really liked it during my 4 month stay in Ventspils Loft! The main reason why I chose it was the location - as I had to travel to Riga Airport on a daily basis, it did not take more than 10 minutes for me to get there from home. The loft is in a place well connected to the city center too. Moreover, a big shopping mall Spice is located right near by.

    The studio was equipped with everything that is needed for a comfortable living. When I came there at first, my expectations were fully met - the reality was no different from what I saw on pictures on the website. The apartments are of great quality and the monthly rent is not high, compared to average prices in the city. I liked it a lot that almost all of my neighbors I met were young students, with whom I never had problems.

    The host Roman is a super positive and friendly guy, who is always there for you and ready to help with any kind of issues.

    When I come to Riga again next time, I will surely choose this place again!

  • "Video review from our guest about Student accommodation in Riga" >>> Video review about Student accommodation in Riga from our guest.
    Thank you Zeena for all the time that you have lived at student hotel "Ventspils Loft".
    Read more about Student accommodation in Riga
  • "Апарт-отель «Ventspils loft» замечательное место." Рассказ от нашего гостя, в рамках конкурса "Один день в апарт-отеле".

    Я живу здесь более чем пол года, мне очень нравиться, так как я очень ценю тишину и покой, ведь я веду очень активный образ жизни. Я не только учусь, но и стараюсь много работать, путешествовать и жить на два города.
  • "Видеообзор отеля Ventspils Loft" Посмотрите видеообзор о нашем отеле Ventspils Loft >>> Видеообзор Ангелина
  • "Perfect place not just for students but any person that likes to enjoy their time being home" My name is Sabina and i am a full time croupier of the world's largest supplier of online gaming and sports betting software, Playtech.
    As there's now no way to spend free time outside of home, in my free time, i love playing card or board games with my friends when they visit me. I was surprised that the LK group provided young people an area where you can enjoy video games on playstation. In my opinion, this is perfect place not just for students but any person that likes to enjoy their time being home :)
  • "Прекрастное место с чудесными людьми" Только положительные эмоции. Соотношение цены и качества. Очень хорошая, комфортабельная квартира, с новой мебелью, уютная. Уборка квартиры раз в месяц, хочу заметить уборка качественная. Приветливые соседи, хозяин всегда идёт на встречу. Очень удобное расположение квартиры, до центра на транспорте 15 минут, остановка в 3 минутах ходьбы, рядом торговый центр Spice. Вероника
  • "2021" Комфортное жильё, рядом с общ. транспортом (15 мин до центра) и магазинами. Jura
  • "Квартира для студентов c полным сервисом услуг!" Квартира, в которой я жила, была компактная, одна комната с прихожей и ванной, Wi-Fi очень быстрый. Есть холодильник и пара столов, телевизор, полотенца, запас кофе, посуда, сковорода, плита и микроволновка, а также раковина для мытья посуды, швабра, небольшой запас химикатов для уборки и мытья посуды. По желанию можно заказывать дополнительные услуги, мне пригодилась еженедельная уборка, так как времени после учебы совсем на это не хватало. Место тихое, постояльцы вокруг спокойные. В подъезде платная прачечная самообслуживания (€3,50 стирка). Дом найти просто, он рядос с огромным торговым центорм и несколькими высотками. До вокзала примерно 8...15 минут на автобусе, транспорт ждать обычно от трёх до десяти минут.
    Всем советую, мне очень понравилось!
  • "Just Perfekt." First of all Roman the owner is a gentlemen. This Loft is perfect organized, clean and a nice modern place, which i can highly recommend. As a pilot i needed a place close to RIX. I recommend to download BOLT APP (Kind of UBER) to get a fast convenient and cheap drive. Rates are in my opinion reasonable.
    Hans Fertl
  • ""Video review from our guests Nastja and Anna about Accommodation in Riga"" >>> Video review
    Thank you Nastja and Anna for the kind words about our student hotel
    Nastja and Anna
  • "Уже почти год живу в апарт-отеле „Ventspils Loft”" Рассказ от нашего гостя, в рамках конкурса "Один день в апарт-отеле".

    ...Мы зашли в квартиру, ей очень понравилось, что, не смотря на маленькие размеры, апартаменты вмещают в себя все самое необходимое: мини-кухня, по функциональности не уступающая кухне стандартных размеров, не большая ванная комната. Немного пообщавшись и посмотрев фильм, мы спустились попить кофе...
  • "Комфортно и уютно!" Однозначно рекомендую!!! Сдесь вы найдёте все необходимое для комфортного проживания по европейским стандартам!
    Студия уютная и очень красиво обустроина. На компактной площади размещены зона отдыха и сна, вместительная кухня, обеденный стол и даже рабочее место.
    Ухоженая территория, есть парковочное место, вокруг развитая инфраструктура и в то же время тут тихо и спокойно.
    Отдельное спасибо Роману за отзывчивость и старания сделать моё проживание максимально комфортным!
  • "Every room has all necessary facilities" Hi, my name is Nikita. I've been living in Ventspils Loft for almost 1 year. I'm 25 y.o. I moved to Riga from Ukraine to work in the IT company.
    Here you can choose the room according to your budget and needs. It will be suitable for you if you live alone, with roommate or with your second half. Every room has all necessary facilities: Wi-Fi, washing machine, shower, fridge and electric stove. In addition to this, Ventspils Loft offers you laundry, X-box, Printer and computer for free. Furthermore, the fee you pay for month includes 1 full cleaning. It is very comfortable for busy people as I am.
    I'm keen on sports and I'm really happy to have a gym near this hotel apartments. Also, there is Shopping Centre Spice with Rimi Supermarket in 5 minutes’ walk.
    Moreover, this accommodation has perfect location: 15 minutes by public transport to airport, city centre or even Jurmala.
    People, who live here are very easy-going and friendly and you can easily find new friends and useful acquaintances.
    See you here in Riga, in Ventspils Loft!
  • "Major facts which influenced my decision to live here are: a quality, place and price." A story from our guest, within the framework of the contest "One day at the apart-hotel".

    I accidentally found out about this amazing place on the Internet and after the first visit decided, that is a place where I would like to live in.
  • "Хорошие апартаменты по хорошей цене" Отличное месторасположение, недалеко от центра Риги. Рядом огромный торговый центр, до Юрмалы минут 15. Апартаменты с новым ремонтом и полным оснащением как на кухне, так и в ванной комнате. Алексей
  • "Комфортно и практично - "Ventspils Loft"" С уверенностью могу порекомендовать данный апарт-отель к проживанию. Сам здесь провел более года. Отличное соотношение цены и качества, есть несколько вариантов номеров. В самих номерах всё необходимое для проживания. Ну и конечно персонал - отзывчивый и внимательный, с которым сложились дружественные и теплые отношения. Расположение удобное: недалеко от аэропорта, рядом большой ТЦ, остановки общественного транспорта. В общем уютно и комфортно, однозначно - рекомендасьон! Игорь
  • "Viena diena Ventspils Loft" Atnākot mājās pēc garas darba dienas vienīgā lieta, kas man ir nepieciešama ir klusums. Klusumā ir spēks, jo tas ļauj relaksēties no produktīvās darba dienas, kuras laikā prāts un ķermenis ir strādājis ar pilnu jaudu. Apart - Viesnīca VENTSPILS LOFT sniedz lielisku iespēju pavadīt savu brīvo laiku tālāk no pilsētas trokšņiem. Lieliskā atrašanās vieta man ļauj nokļūt vajadzīgajos galamērķos ļoti īsā laika posmā. Ņemot vērā manu saspringto ikdienas grafiku, VENTSPILS LOFT ir vieta, kurā es varu uzlādēties un sākt savu dienu no jauna, atkal un atkal, ar enerģiju, jaunām emocijām un nebeidzamu cīņassparu. Toms
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