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Ortschaft "Priežkalni"

  • Flachbauten Bereich
  • Flächeninhalt: 10 382 m2
  • Stellplätze: 6
  • Allgemeiner Plan
  • 2020 Jahr

We offer for sale a part of a land plot with a small forest lake. Its total area is 4.1 hectares. There is a graphic design with a business plan providing for the construction of one-family and two-family houses on the area of the whole Silezers-Priežkalni project (8.2 hectares). The general detailed plan of the site is already approved as well as the general project documentation of external utilities. It is also possible to purchase the whole Silezers-Priežkalni project and to build a gorgeous private homestead with a forest lake.

Dorf zum Verkauf

Objekttyp: Flachbauten Bereich
Gesamtbaufläche: 10 382 m2
Anzahl der Grundstücke: 6
Route: Asphalt (geplant)
Heizung: Zentralisierte (geplante Gas)
Elektrizität: Zentralisierte (geplante Strom)


By now engineering designs of external networks of the settlement have been worked out. One can use these engineering designs in order to connect to a moderate pressure gas pipeline and an electric power line of 20 kW.*

Allgemeiner Entwicklungsplan

The general plan provides for 2 wholesale building areas:

  • Zone No. 1 - PRIEŽKALNI - 6 land plots of 10384 square meters;
  • Zone No. 2 - SILEZERS - 8 land plots of 10426 square meters. 

The rest part of the territory should become the communal area of the settlement in the future:

  • Recreational zone of more than 2.9 hectares with a beach and arbors (site No. 15);
  • Tennis court with a health area (site No. 15);
  • 0.7-hectare forest park (site No. 17);


Land plots of Priežkalni are located in a beautiful place surrounded with the forest area from the left side of the road to Melkerti. There is a 1-hectare pond dividing the settlement into 2 parts in the center of the area. This natural water pond with a sandy beach has long ago become a popular leisure area among Vangaži residents, due to its easy-to-reach and favorable location. You can reach the Silezers-Priežkalni settlement by public bus.


Vangaži is a little town with more than 4000 inhabitants and all the necessary infrastructure (an ambulance station, a school, a bank). The Incukalns region that borders with Vangaži in this place has more than 6736 hectares of forested areas and more than 113 hectares of water bodies. Until 2002 the price level of land plots in this region was not-too-high, because of relative remoteness from Riga (20 km to the downtown) and heavy traffic on the highway, that even today augurs well for massive private estate development. Now it takes just 30-40 minutes to reach the center of Riga. 


Today we have a special offer on development of the settlement - a model of possible estate development that has been worked out for wholesale building zones by the architectural bureau of A.Viziņš. The project provides for separate housing:

  • One-family houses (zone No.1 of "SILEZERS", parcels 1 - 8) - the CLASSIK series;
  • Twin houses and raw houses (zone No. 2 of "PRIEŽKALNI ", parcels 19-24) - the MODERN series.


According to the partition plan approved in 2008, the area received the status - 0601 - a zone of low-rise estate development.

We have the possibility to provide you with project management services by a company "LK VENTSPILS" Ltd specialized in housing settlement infrastructure development, operating in accordance with the responsibilities, entrusted to it by the project owner.

*The projects should be updates for current usage.

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